Advisory technical textiles:

In Spain we are increasingly users who play sports and work with appropriate safety and comfort in our jobs. This can not be achieved except with the efforts of textile enterprises in research to improve the characteristics of the materials used in these fields.

This has allowed the selection of materials, in this case, of textile materials involves the knowledge of the characteristics that can provide for a particular use thereof. Knowing and understanding these features will be essential to move the market for technical textiles.

This will get garments accompanied by proper design, they are able to cover risks and protect you against certain environments, is what is known as personal protective equipment in the labor component and simply escepcionales clothes in the field of sports. The market covering labor protection is governed by stringent testing standards with which compliance must follow any clothing designed and intended to satisfy a given risk.

The climatic conditions to which we will be exposed should govern the selection of a particular garment. Since our company will try to help in this selection because weather conditions can become really adverse to the proper metabolic functioning, so that the clothes used will play a role in maintaining proper thermal comfort.