Advisory technical textiles:

In Spain we are increasingly users who play sports and work with the necessary security in our jobs. This can not be achieved except with the efforts of textile enterprises and research to improve the conditions under which we will see exposed.

Since this section is intended to help the manufacturer to access and move around the market of technical textiles. Our goal is to help in the understanding of the technical specifications and requirements to require their suppliers for materials acting with 100% efficiency in the desired ends.

It is important to consider that the development of new materials and ownership of their technologies is a global phenomenon that could be applied in any area, including textile engineering.

The methodical fabric has changed, no longer comes to choosing or selecting the most suitable material for a particular application, but rather define the benefits payable to a particular material, and design and develop it so that it is subject to these specifications.

This will get garments accompanied by proper design, they are able to cover risks and protect you against certain environments, is what is known as personal protective equipment. This market is governed by stringent testing standards with which compliance must follow any clothing designed and intended to satisfy this market.

Our company provides guidance to achieve this goal, being specialized in garments intended to cover the risk of cold or activities involving high metabolic effort by the user, not only by workload, but also in the activities developed during the performance of sports in general and specifically in mountain sports. In the latter case, the weather can become truly dire for proper metabolic functioning, so that the clothes used will play a role in maintaining proper thermal comfort.

Here are some sections where you can find specific technical advice:

• customized specifications allow an appropriate thermal comfort in stressful situations.
• Familiarization with the European textile
• Interpretation of laboratory results.
• Accreditation of testing laboratories.
• Guidance for certification of PPE.