Weaving mills more importants

Alpaca: Made with animal hair of the same name, often marketed with cotton warp and weft yarn alpaca. It is a shiny fabric and very cool to use. Mainly intended for men's suits.

Burlap: A jute or hemp fabric, usually taffeta. It is used as packing material for bags and even crafts.

Astracán: This fabric is manufactured similarly to the velvet. Hair fibers are usually mohair, wool or jute, which is cut to form a long-haired, bright and crisp, imitating skin imported from astrakhan lambs. Its use is focused on coats, capes, jackets etc ...

Cloth: little thick wool fabric has plain weave and very felting. Its main applications are for domestic or industrial use.

Bright: Tissue polishes cotton mercerized for procedures. Used in ladies and girls dresses.

Cashmere: fine wool fabric and high quality. Fine hair usually contains cashmere goat. Its uses are usually dress very high price.

Crepe: linen cotton fabric that has reliefs on its surface, typically used in the manufacture of tablecloths, towels, etc ...

Curing: Cotton, whose warp and weft were bleached before weaving. Its used for sheets, shirts and underwear.

Damascus: Silk or fine mercerized cotton, characterized by their drawings Satin Jacquard heavy and light, commonly called damask.

Empesa: Weaving loom just left out of any kind of yarn, ready to undergo treatments dyeing, finishing and printing.

Etamin: Article soft low density, usually translucent curtain.

Plush: Woven velor-like hair, but longer fibers. Often used for clothing and decoration.

Flannel: Knitting wool or twill weave. Used for coats and dresses lady.

Raincoat: twill fabric based or cotton yarn, very durable ribbed diagonally. Used in pants, suits and coats.

Gasa: lightweight silk fabric, used in apparel. Manufactured cotton base, is used for mosquito nets, ornaments etc ...

Wadding: base fabric layers of carded fibers, fibers sometimes recovery. Is often used as filling material.

Half Panama: A cotton base fabric, mat or taffeta and much thinner than Panama, used in home decor.

Linen: Made from flax of different thickness, is characterized by its rustic appearance and freshness of the garment.

Lona: plain weave fabric, usually cotton. Spinning raw. Very strong and nearly impervious. Featured on awnings and canopies.

Canvas: Canvas Species, but much thinner. Used in decoration and household items.

Moire: silk fabric base, which is by its brightness optical effects and the incidence of light, creating reflections and glare on the same tissue. Used in decoration and clothing.

Fleece: cotton based fabric thick, plush and soft. Plain weave, twill or damask. Employee in the use of blankets.

Ottoman: weaving of cotton, silk, wool or polyester. Form a cord horizontally be thicker due to the warp weft. Several utilities, upholstery, decoration and clothing.

Pana: The velvet fabric. Effect produced by cutting the rough frame to get the hair out. Used in suits, jackets and decoration.

Panama: cotton based fabric, plain sparsely mat and frame. Used in summer clothes and decoration.

Cloth: woolen fabric, very fulling, napping by the beam and infieltrado. Aspect presents a short-haired skin. Used for dresses, coats, pool tables, playmats etc. ...

Trimmings: Fabrics used in various ornaments, various shapes and colors, ribbons, laces etc ...

Percale: Woven cotton base, finer and better quality, and usually stamped with a twinkle. It is used in dresses and shirts.

Silk Skin: name given some silk or polyester microfiber with continuous satin weave. It is a good quality ground tissue used in ladies garments.

Piqué: plain weave fabric, forming geometric designs due to the overlapping warp and weft woven passes different voltages. It has many features, clothing and decoration.

Pisana: Cotton, thick, whose threads are dyed before weaving to form lists. Their colors should be very solid.

Poplin: Tissue generally combed cotton, mercerized, generally used in shirting.

Raso: Silk, polyester or mercerized cotton, at present are generally made with textured polyester continuous filament and microfiber smooth and shiny surface. Widely used for clothing and household linen.

Reversible two-sided fabric, has many utilities, depending on the characteristics of each fabric.

Curl: Cotton warp carrying a supplementary basis, forming rings or loops protruding from both sides of the fabric. Used for towels, bathrobes etc. ...

Twill: A fabric or yarn wool usually with twill weave that produces diagonal lines, used in clothing.

Satin: Silk fabric that is characterized by a high density plot and a great relief.

Taffeta: Fabric thick stranded wire, of various compositions and as the name suggests weave.

Tejano, jeans: twill fabric four light, heavy or satina. Made of cotton and used for the manufacture of denim clothing.

Velvet: Woven whose beam is covered with short hair and thick, perpendicular to the tissue surface. Its appearance is usually smooth, generally used in decor and clothing.

Tul: Woven lace derivative, based on different yarns and intended primarily for lingerie, veils, mantillas etc ...

Vichy: Tissue cotton, colorful and solid, forming thin squares or stripes. Weave. Used for clothing kitchens, linen, shirts etc ...

Voile: silk or rayon fabric, white or very light colored dresses or clothes used for adornment.