Eight steps to start a shop or business in INTERNET

The network of networks "Internet" offers excellent business option, with minimal investment, low operating costs and is compatible with other activities. Everything can be bought and sold through the network: either with its own page, with a website on a server, or through a blog. But such a company must comply with the law, for which the following steps are necessary:

1 - Have a product or service and establish a marketing plan to be released both in the virtual and the real.

2 - Have knowledge of information technology, albeit rudimentary, to open a PayPal account from a shop and take a legal identity: by creating a partnership with a business or impersonal.

3 - Register with the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE) by census declaration form 036, which forces them to pay income tax or corporation tax, as well as to account for the VAT.

4 - At the same time you must register with the Social Security: If personal activity as an independent in the RETA (Special Scheme for Self-Employed), in the case of a corporation must meet all the requirements for this: creation, registration in registry Commercial and high.

5 - The requirements of the Law Society Services Information and Electronic Commerce in Spain (LSSICE) in force since 2002: name, address, email address, Tax ID, data entry in Commercial Register, or professional, etc.

6 - Requirement for all businesses and professionals in compliance with the Data Protection Act (Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data).

7 - Meet the Conditions of Employment Act, and the law of retail management, where appropriate.

8 - Sell, sell, sell, but safely. - And charge also safely.